Monday, April 11, 2016


     One of my grandmothers gave me a purple glass punch bowl and matching glasses when I was eighteen as a gift for my future wedding. At the time I was quite surprised because I could not understand why she did not just wait until my actual wedding to give it to me. As it turns out its a good thing that she has already given me a wedding gift because she passed away long ago and I am still single. I do have my first wedding gift . I guess she somehow knew that she would not be around for my actual wedding. It is nice to know that  by giving me a wedding gift she believed that I would have a wedding.
      My other grandmother told me years ago that I didn't need to get married because I am able to take care of myself. I think that she meant it as a way of not pressuring me to get married, but I  did not take it that way at the time. Just because a person can take care of herself does not mean she should not get married. Does being able to take care of one's self make them less eligible for marriage? I always thought it would make a person more eligible. Perhaps she was right. I am still single. I suppose I am capable of being alone but I would prefer not to be.
      A friend of mine told her her grandmother told her before she passed away  that she should get married because its better to live life with someone else.   A month after her grandmother passed away my friend met her husband and three months later she was married.She felt that her grandmother was looking out for her and that was why she found her husband.
       I am grateful that I had one grandmother who believed that I would get married enough to have made sure that she has given me a wedding gift in advance. My other grandmother got married at 29 which in those days was like 40. I think that she had wanted me to know that whether I got married or not I would be able to handle it and that it was okay with her.
       Life does not begin with any specific milestone. Life may change at each milestone, but it does not mean that one is not living life before one gets to that milestone. Life is a gift no matter how much or how little one accomplishes.

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