Monday, April 4, 2016

Florida Weather

      Living in an old pre-war apartment building in Brooklyn is like having summer all year round. The summers are hot if you don't use an air conditioner and the winters are hot inside with the radiator heat. Open windows are  not enough to cool things down. I grit my teeth and use the fan as well. I gave away my space heater years ago.  The only positive side of the eternal  heat is that in the winter it gets me out of the apartment on the weekends because going outside in 25 degree  weather is refreshing  compared to the eternal heat indoors.
      I used to live in a basement apartment that  required me to wear layers of  warm clothing and a use a space heater in the winter. That was much better than the eternal heat of my current apartment. Eternal heat also means the possibility of lots more mold  in the bathroom. and tossing and turning in bed at night because its too warm to sleep. I like living above ground better than below ground and I am not ready to move, but oy, Summer is on the way and I'm ALREADY hot.
       Parents used to tell their children to eat up all of their food because there were starving people in other countries. Some people like to say to me that I should appreciate the oppressive heat in my apartment in the winter months because some people do not have heat. If I could send all of the extra food and the excess heat to those in need I would.  I don't visit people on shabbos  who do not use air conditioning in the summer because I find it too oppressive. The people who like it hot better than cold ought to go hang out with the people who prefer standing desks. Then everyone would be happy.

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