Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Primary Day

    I have been so disgusted with all of the presidential candidates this season that I was not going to vote in the primaries . After much deliberation I decided I was going to actually vote . At 8:40 tonight I voted. The voting center was deserted. Either lots of people voted earlier or not many people voted at all. Maybe the high tech scanner made the voting process so quick there wasn't a chance for there to be a large crowd at the polls. I had forgotten that New York has finally gotten rid of the old circa 1970 voting booths. I am embarrassed to admit that the last time I voted in an election was the last presidential election. That was the inauguration of the the voting scanner. It's so weird to vote in such a high tech fashion. I wonder what the margin of error is . Nothing is foolproof.
     I'm glad I voted but I am not sure that I chose the best candidate. I am not going to tell you who I voted for so don't bother asking. I am not even sure that if the candidate I voted for wins the nomination that I will vote for them. I haven't decided yet. Then again we still do not know who any of the candidates will be for sure ... yet.

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