Monday, April 18, 2016

Wedding Doll

   I recently saw the Israeli film WEDDING DOLL by Nitzan Gilady . It is about a spirited mentally challenged 24 year old who lives with her mother and works in a toilet paper factory. The factory will be closing . The friendship she  has with the factory owner's son will be ending .
     This film is more about the journey than the plot. It is about the complexities of this mother-daughter relationship. The acting is superb. The  views of the Negev town that they live in is like another character. It is so breathtaking it should be on an aliyah advertisement.
     It must be so hard to be a  parent of a child who will never be able to fend for themselves. These children grow up and may know they are different but still want to be normal like everyone else . But they can't  be . This film presents this issue in a sensitive way. There are many dealing with these issues in real life. This film forces everyone to acknowledge all of this in a matter of fact way ,
     This is a very worthwhile film.  It won several awards in Israel. One never knows what challenges one will have to face. This film is about how some people chose to face their challenges.

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