Sunday, April 3, 2016

No Alternatives

     A lot of older people tell me not to get old. I never really know what to respond because there really is not a better alternative to getting old. The only way I can take this kind of advice to heart is to always be young at heart. This is the only kind of aging one is in control of . Some people are old  at 30 while others are young at 60. It all depends on attitude.
     Another popular anecdote people like so spout about aging is  "It beats the alternative". I used to find this quite annoying until I thought about how true it is. I have experienced the death of my grandparents and father . I have friends who have battled illness. It turns out just being alive and well is an awesome goal and it most certainly beats the alternative. . Perhaps one needs to have lived a little in order to appreciate the glory of life.       It is possible to get older without being an old goat. Its just a matter of how you choose to view the world. A lot of older people use their age as an excuse to never have a filter when they speak. Though this is not always a good idea, it must be quite freeing.
 When one is old one gets to have great stories to tell others about life. An older person can't be young again but then again sometimes that's good too.

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Garnel Ironheart said...

You can't control getting older but you can control how you do.
Some people fight it trying to remain young until they can't hide from the truth anymore. Growing old gracefully, learning the new role age has given you, is a hard skill.