Monday, February 27, 2017


     When one has an injury one realizes one isn't as alone as one thought but on the other hand one realizes one is more alone than one would like to be.
      Several years ago an acquaintance of mine had fallen ill. She was single. Fortunately her 82 year old mom was able to help her. After she recovered she told me that she realized how lucky she was that her mom had been around and was  physically able to help her.She also realized that she really needed to find others to be close enough with in the event she needed someones help in the future.After all her mom was 82. At the time I could relate . I was single then I am single now. Of course now I understand this even more.  It takes a village as they say because as independent as a person is and I am fiercely independent,one still NEEDS others. We don't just need people for what they can do for us we need others for what we can share with them. People can be so vulnerable. Its not good to be alone. I think I have had enough alone time to satisfy me for quite some time.

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