Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The in Between

     I haven't had time off of work like this since my dad passed away almost 7 years ago. Being home due to an injury is different than being off for a  death in the family. I had always hoped I would have extended time off for maternity leave but alas life is full of surprises.
      It took me a little bit to be at peace with my situation. Bone healing takes time and nurturing. As much as I would like it to be healed yesterday I know it takes time.
      My favorite line people spout is to enjoy my time off. I don't miss work but I would not call having a fractured shoulder enjoyable. Its not the worst thing in the world but I would much prefer to have extended time off for a fun reason. Broken bones hurt and make it hard to sleep without waking up a gillion times.  For me an awesome vacation includes good sleeping. I'm also not such a homebody. I like being out and about.
     Its easy to get swallowed up by work responsibilities and forget to nurture one's social life . A shoulder injury is quite a reminder. Being social is important to well being as much as being able to afford one's life. Being social makes life worth living. Right now I'm not really social or working. I am speaking to good friends more often which is something I must continue once I recover. As much as I would like to socialize right now I really need to rest up. When I am all better I will be back on the merry-go-round. Some of my perspective has changed but so much is easier said than  done.

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