Monday, February 27, 2017

Chesed Shel Emes

    Last week there was a horrific act of vandalism at the Chesed Shel Emes Cemetery in St. Louis.  I have grandparents, great grandparents and great -great grandparents buried there as well as many aunts and uncles. Chesed Shel Emes Cemetery was established in the late 1800's.  My great-great grandparents were buried there 1919-1920. When I heard that nearly 200 headstones were knocked over I felt like the wind was knocked out of me.When  I heard the newscaster say that they weren't yet calling it a hate crime was when I was certain that it was. Headstones are made of STONE. Stones are VERY heavy. One stone overturned could be a prank, not over  100 overturned.
     Today in Philadelphia another Jewish cemetery was vandalized in the same way. My heart goes out to those whose loved ones are buried there.
     They will find out who committed these crimes but its just as frightening to find out who the perpetrator was.It could be a white supremacist , but it could also be a so called leftist. Unfortunately there is no shortage of those who dislike Jews.

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