Monday, February 27, 2017

FNN: VP Pence Speaks Against Anti-Semitism During Visit to Vandalized Je...

   Vice President Pence visited Chesed Shel Emes cemetery in St. Louis last Wednesday when many St.Louisans went to help clean up the vandalized cemetery. Governor Greitens who is the first Jewish governor was also there. The vice president spoke and helped clean up the cemetery.  This act was so comforting and significant to me. The vandalism put me in a state of shock and sadness. It was as though the vice president was coming for a shiva call for a cemetery that housed so many bodies of people who had loved the United States and had been so grateful to be here.The vice president's word's denounced such a heinous act . I have great hakaras hatov for Vice President Pence for showing up in our time of need.
    Unfortunately another Jewish cemetery was descecrated in the same fashion this weekend in Philedelphia. We Jews have our work cut out for us to fight anti-semitism. Its good to know that the vice president is on our side.

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