Tuesday, June 1, 2010

family dinners

one of my fondest memories growing up was of my family eating dinner together. we weren't formal and they weren't prolific. i cant even remember what kind of conversations we had. i just remember that they were nice. they ended a long time ago. they ended when i went to high school and got home later than my other siblings. they would eat before i got home and i would eat by myself. i guess i must have eaten with my mom because she must have served me.
once i was in high school family dinners were just on shabbos. it wasn't the same as when it had been an everyday event, but they were still in effect .
once i graduated high school it was all over. i spent a year in israel and then i emigrated to new york.
time marches on and you barely have time to remember the details of childhood and then one day you do and you realize not only they are gone but they are long gone. they are just a glimmer in your mind's eye.

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