Wednesday, June 9, 2010


as a kid i was not popular. i was not a total nerd, but i was definitely not popular. i did not remotely aspire to be popular.
with extensive singleness, there are lots of mutations left over from high school , namely the "in" crowd. i always thought the idea of the"in" crowd would discontinue after high school graduation. well try and tell the single folk that.
there is a crowd everyone wants to hang with so one doesn't miss out on all of the fun. and of course you have to be careful not to let the wrong people know about stuff otherwise everyone will have a "bad" time.
i used to live in a nerdy apartment building until a lot of the cool people moved in and suddenly
it was cool to live here. everyone who is anyone lives with in a few short blocks of me.
i look at pictures and i count how many people live in my apartment building and i can hardly believe its true. im living in a co-ed dorm!
all of this has come as quite a shock to my system. perhaps in high school or college all of this social status stuff would be fun, but i have bills and a full time job. im way too busy to be popular!!

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