Saturday, June 5, 2010

shomer negiah redefined

after many years of shopping at glatt mart i have realized that there aren't very many frum people who are shomer negiah or nor too many frum people who have respect for personal space.
let me explain. whenever i am at the checkout counter checking out there is always someone behind me in line pushing into me while they unload their groceries onto the conveyor belt. i don't get it. are they just not getting any at home so they feel the need to bump into me in line at glatt mart? shoving someone in line is NEGIAH . they don't need to push me to secure their space in line. this is why i don't understand why all of this negiah is going on.
unless im just too exhausted i will confront the person who is touching me unnecessarily in line and tell them not to shove me as they are unloading their shopping basket. i think im going to have a new tactic and tell them they ought not shove and crowd me in line as i am shomer negiah and their behavior is thus inappropriate.


fraidy said...

People try this u might enjoy it
I loved it but still very unprofessional
Akeres Habayis Hotline
General No. 951-262-3570
Brooklyn No. 718-475-9426
Monsey No. 845-364-7533
Lakewood No. 732-415-9780
For wives and mothers.
“Listen and enjoy!”

Avi Bitterman said...

And if the person shoving you happens to be a woman?

frum single female said...

well, the woman will look at me like im crazy and they will try to get far away from me and not push me because they will be afraid of what i might do next mission accomplished. lol.

Moshe said...

Next time tell the guy that if he wants to cup a feel, he should at least take you out first. ;)