Wednesday, June 16, 2010

confessions of a prairie b@#ch

little house on the prairie was my most favorite television show when i was a kid.
about a year ago melissa gilbert came out with a book and more recently melissa sue anderson and alison arngrim have released books about growing up on the set of the beloved tv series little house on the prairie.
alison arngrim's book came out yesterday and she had a book reading at borders columbus circle. i had been looking forward to this book reading for weeks.
seeing alison arngrim was like seeing an old friend that you have never met. it was also surreal to see nellie oleson all grown up. her voice is still the same pitch.
i always thought that alison arngrim must have had so much fun playing nellie.
often an actor is typecast for life if they have portrayed one character for a long time. eve plum of jan brady fame dislikes this so much that she doesn't like to address q& a sessions if they are about her previous brady life. fortunately alison argrim has taken another approach. she is a stand up comedian and has embraced the campiness of it all. she makes it part of her public appearances , her stand up gigs and it was the theme of her book. she has made it work for her. she appreciates the fact that so many have been touched by this thirty year old tv series. it was seven years of her childhood. she and melissa gilbert were bff's. it doesn't get much better than this.
listening to alison arngrim recount her days as nellie oleson was the most fun i have had in several months. it transported me to my childhood.
little house on the prairie was a wholesome show on screen as well as off. the adults tried to provide a child friendly atmosphere for these child actors. these child actors did not get arrested. none of them have died of drug overdoses.
alison arngrim enjoyed being on this show as much as those of us in the tv audience enjoyed watching it at home.
ive started reading alison arngrim's book confessions of a prairie bitch it is written with equal parts warmth and humor. i highly recommend it.

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