Thursday, August 15, 2013


     Every so often I go for a  medical test and invariably the same technician administers the test. I don't especially like her , but over the years I have gotten used to her. No matter what time of the day I schedule the test, she is the administrator. Last year I lucked out and there was a different technician. I attributed my luck to having switched office locations to have the test done. This year I pushed my luck. I went to the alternate location hoping my usual technician would not be there. Alas, I was not surprised when you know who came to get me in the waiting room. I could change the medical group that I have this test done, but just my luck this woman would end up working there the day I would book my appointment.
     I usually do not pay attention to medical technicians. The only reason I had remembered this one's name is because I so disliked her at so much during our first encounter that I wanted to remember who not to ask for to work  with me the next time. When the next time arrived I figured that enough time had passed and usually I never get the same technician for testing so I didn't specifically request not to work with her.. Boy was I wrong. The second time I worked with her fortunately  was a lot more favorable . The rest is history.

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Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Well hopefully you're feeling better.
I had a supervisor like that when I was in an intern in the local ER years ago. The ER group had 20 doctors but no matter how much I switched around my shifts I got HER and she was an awful supervisor.
Months later I found out the reason: all the other interns knew her reputations and always grabbed other shifts to avoid her.