Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time Keeping

     I own several watches. Because I work full time and am on a tight schedule most of the time my left wrist sports a watch. I wear a watch not because I want to  but because I have to. These days its not quite as bad to forget to put my watch on since I own a cell phone which  has a clock .I should really stop wearing a watch on days I am not at work and just really on my cell phone clock.
     Whenever I wear a watch I feel obsessed with keeping track of time. On days I do not wear a watch I feel much more relaxed. I don't squander time but I am less fixated on the passage of time. Its important to be aware of time but not so much that one is not able to enjoy the moment. I often feel that sporting a watch makes it harder for me to enjoy the moment.



Wondering Minds said...

I found that I was often taking my watch off when at work, since it weighed on my wrist.

On that note, I just use my cell for time, plus an abundance of clocks at work.

Shabbos I wear a watch, but only when I am going away during the day...otherwise the time doesn't bother me on Shabbos.

frum single female said...

Yeah, on Shabbos I only wear a watch when I am not at home. Unfortunately there are not enough clocks at work so I kind of need a watch at work, although occasionally I forget my watch and rely on my cell phone.

Wondering Minds said...

Some works do that on purpose...so you don't notice when you miss lunch, or 5PM.

On the flip side, my work relies on time, so they can't hide it from us!

tesyaa said...

I feel lost without my watch. I feel more anxious when I forget it. That being said, I'm not one of those people who can relax and enjoy the moment since there is always some responsibility waiting for me. Without my watch my life would probably fall apart.

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

I'm a watch watcher and although I carry a cell phone I'm also lazy. It's a quick flick of the wrist to see what time is on the watch but with the cell you gotta pull it out, turn it on then turn it off and put it back.
Just remember: a person with 1 watch knows what time it is. A person with 2 is never sure.