Saturday, October 5, 2013

Buzz, Buzz

Andrew Cote, Beekeeper -- PART 1 from THE NEX Andrew Cote, Beekeeper -- PART 2 from THE NEXT LIST on Vimeo.
T LIST on Vimeo.
     Its no secret that I like to go shopping at the  farmer's market in Union Square. For the past few years there has been a vendor called Andrew's  Honey.  When he first opened his booth he would give out samples of his honey. At his booth he has honey made in Brooklyn , Central Park , Manhattan , etc. At first I just thought it was just a gimmick until I realized the honey was actually made in these locations.
     Being the age of the internet I recently decided to google this beekeeper and I came up with these two videos. Its amazing how you run into people on a regular basis and you have no idea about their lives. So of course I decided to post these videos about Andrew the beekeeper.

Andrew and his honey

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