Friday, October 4, 2013


     If you are part of the group that you are criticizing is it still considered racism if you make a demeaning remark? Specifically, is it racist if someone Jewish speaks about Jewish people in a way that a gentile would be accused of being anti-semitic? I really hate it when someone Jewish says something really derogatory about Jewish people and they preface their comment with " I can say this because I'm Jewish. " Well , if you ask me its still wrong . Though its not as bad as if someone gentile would spout epitaphs, it is still not ideal for Jewish people to bash Jewish people and I do find it offensive unless its constructive.


FrumGeek said...

I think it depends on the context. Blacks can tell black jokes and Jews can tell Jew jokes. Serious racism however should be avoided by all.

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Racism is when you make comments about one group you wouldn't make about another in the same context.
For example, people who criticize Israel's economic system for the disparity it creates between rich and poor but also say the same about the US and England aren't Jew haters. Someone who says they think Israeli is a fascist occupying power but happily visit China and think nothing is wrong with their government are.

Wondering Minds said...

Yup, racism is all about making a race superior or inferior then another race, regardless if its the one you belong to.