Thursday, October 10, 2013

Let's Make A Deal

  Recently I heard a radio interview of 92 year old Monte Hall the MC from the 1960s and 1970s game show Lets Make  A Deal. I found out during that interview that Monte Hall is Jewish. His father was a kosher butcher in Winnipeg , Canada. I had no idea that he was Jewish. The most amazing part of the interview was when Hall told the story of the man who made it possible to pursue his dreams.
      Monty Hall could not afford to go to college, so after high school he worked in his father's butcher shop.  29- year old business man saw that he had potential so he offered to help him go to school with three conditions. 1)  He would not tell anyone who was helping him 2) he must retain at least a B+ average, 3) one day the say for someone else. Monty Hall has put many people through college and he has raised a billion dollars for charity. One person stepped in and helped him and so many people's lives have been touched. Until today I had no idea. I just thought of Monty Hall as a game show host. He has been so much more. Who knew?


tesyaa said...

Wait, Monty Hall is still alive? I had no idea.

frum single female said...

Lol. Yes he is.