Thursday, January 6, 2011

bus stop mayhem

this afternoon i was waiting for the bus and there was a long red light. the bus driver was still halfway down the block but he decided to let the people who wanted to get off at that stop off before he got to the actual bus stop. at some point he kept motioning to the twenty or so people waiting at the bus stop  to get on the bus . the bus was quite far from the bus stop and between the residual snow and ice and the access a ride bus that was parked on the side of the street next to the bus all of the people remained at the bus stop. not one person went to get on the bus. we figured he was going to pull up the next few feet and pick us up at the bus stop. the joke was on us. the bus driver was so angry that he drove right past the bus stop where everyone was waiting. what a heel. what was he in a hurry for anyway? i can understand why a taxi driver wants to drive quickly. the quicker he drives to his destination the more people he can drive each day and the more money he can earn. a bus driver is just driving that same route. what's the rush?
i ended up just walking home after waiting about five more minutes for another bus that never arrived.. no bus passed me by as i was walking home on the bus route either.
now i really understand why they had to raise the transit fares. (not) .
i wonder if this episode would have occurred in another city or if its just a ny thing.
p.s. i realize that this is a summer photo but i really liked this bus photo so i posted it anyway.

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