Monday, January 10, 2011

the people's court

i was on the people's court once. don't act too surprised. i was just in the " audience" . they used to film the people supposedly  standing outside the courtroom in what used to be mahattan mall.
back in the day they would ask people if they wanted to be in the peoples court audience and they would give you a free t-shirt if you did . they would show you an episode of the people's court on  a video screen and when they would cut to the people outside the courtroom they showed the "audience" and would ask us our take on the case. i was too shy to say anything. since i am short they let me stand in the front. it was so much fun. they even told us which day they were planning on airing the episode so we could set our vcrs.
the nicest part was that my parents and my grandmother were able to see me on tv.  even the doorman from the building i worked in at the time got a kick out of seeing me on tv when he realized i was in the episode.

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