Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Socalled - You Are Never Alone

sunday night at the jewish film festival in nyc i saw a documentary the socalled movie about josh dolgin who calls himself socalled. he is a jewish musician in canada who mixes klezmer, jazz and hip hop music together to get a most amazing sound.
josh dolgin is as secular as they come but he is very drawn to klezmer music and jewish culture. though he hates religion he has to admit that klezmer music is part of jewish culture and that jewish culture is only jewish culture because it comes from  judaism, so in a round about way he admits that he has to appreciate judaism. he actually states this in the film. to me this statement is so profound. and so honest. on the other hand it really shows the power of music.to someone who might not otherwise connect to judaism  music has the power of forging a spiritual connection  that on a logical level he might not explore.

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