Sunday, January 30, 2011

hot or not

often when i attend a singles event there are many unattractive  in attendance. perhaps if they  had the good fortune to look like prince william or kate middleton  their lives would be different. through no fault of their own they are putrid looking. some of the unattractive have enough confidence to rise above their deficient appearance and are not nerds. others are not so fortunate. i always have thought that this is so sad. one has no control over being born ugly , being born beautiful or even of being born average. had the same individual been born handsome this individual would have had a much easier time finding a spouse. then again i know many physically attractive people have  trouble finding spouses due to their hideous personalities. this  is far worse than being physically unattractive.


FeistyFrummy said...

I have also always wondered how people who are extremely unattractive survive day-to-day. (Not saying I'm stunning or anything, I just know that I'm not in the extremely unnattractive catagory). But then I realized that those people who realized that they can't use their looks to get them by in life have to work extra hard on developing their personality. So often I find that those people who aren't "pretty" per-say have such great personalities that I start to view them as more attractive than I did to begin with. Same goes for people who I think are gorgeous when I first meet them and as soon as I see what horrible people they are, I begin to view them as a lot less attractive as I did at first.

frum single female said...

i agree.