Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lies My Father Told Me

       i saw this movie today at the jewish film festival in nyc. it was excellent. it is the story of a six year old jewish boy in 1920's montreal and the relationship between him and his orthodox jewish grandfather. it stars yossi yadin as the grandfather and jeffrey lynas as the grandson. the grandson david would join his zaida who was a peddler every sunday . his zaida would teach him about life and the torah's view on life. at home daviid's secular father would berate religion as well as chase after dead end get rich quick inventions.
the relationship between grandfather and grandson was delightful. the little boy who played david was precious. the depiction of religious life was outstanding. it was a real slice of jewish life that most of us have never experienced because we weren't yet born in the 1920's. lies my father told me was filmed in the early 70's when  secular jewish filmmakers  still remembered what  yiddishkeit was .the portrayal of orthodox jews was quite authentic.
lies my father told me has recently been restored . its not yet available on netflix and its not currently available at the new york public library. there is a website for the movie itself that is selling a restored version of the movie. fyi this movie is rated r.


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