Sunday, January 9, 2011

that seventies yarn

 as a young teenager i had learned how to crochet. i crocheted for a few years and then i stopped. and then i forgot how to crochet because it had been so long..... so a few years ago i took a crocheting class and i have been hooking my yarn ever since.
once , not long after i had resumed crocheting i was visiting my parents in the midwest. my mom told me that there was yarn at  my aunt's house and that my aunt does not crochet or knit so she gave me the yarn to use. when we opened the bag of yarn there were stacks of granny squares as well as yarn and a susan bates crochet hook. the yarn and crochet hook had belonged to my grandmother who used to crochet. the yarn was circa 1977.  so said the labels on the skeins of yarn. this project had been long abandoned by my grandmother who had passed away in 2001.
well i did the only thing that i could do. i proceeded to join the granny squares to create an afghan.
at first i left the afghan at my parents house. i thought that it might be nice to use it when i would be there.
a few years later i decided that it would be better to have it in my apartment. i recently brought the afghan to my apartment in brooklyn. i realized that my couch pillows did not match my new-old afghan so i covered them with granny squares to match.
as a kid i did not much like the retro color scheme of  granny squares. it looked so old fashioned. as an adult i love the kitchiness of the seventies style  afghan  that now covers my couch. it reminds me of my grandmother.

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