Monday, January 24, 2011

the numbers game

this year at the jewish film festival there is a new seating policy. you show your ticket when you enter the building and they write a number at the back of your ticket. when its time to enter the theater for the movie they call out 15-20 numbers and slowly everyone gets to enter the theater. the great thing is that when you are waiting to enter the screening room you can go to the ladies room and not lose your place in line. you can also sit as you wait to enter the screening room.
the new seating policy for fully attended screenings at the walter reade theater began with the jewish film festival this year. im not sure if they will be employing this policy with all of their  screenings,but im sure this protocol will return next year for the jewish film festival. it made entering the screening room much less chaotic.
as chaotic as the entry to the theater had been at the walter reade theater it was always much worse with the israeli film festival. perhaps someone should suggest this seating method to them.


graucher said...

Dear FF:

Thank you for the mention of our new "entrance" strategy. My hope when instituting it was indeed to give attendees more comfort, and lower the chaos level! For 99.9% of the audience, your observations are the norm. We can't make everyone happy, but I'm glad we seem to be making most a little more comfortable in our space.

We do plan on doing this with our other busy series (Rendezvous with French Cinema, Open Roads, etc...)

Warm Regards,

Glenn Raucher
Theater Manager
Walter Reade Theater

frum single female said...

your welcome. every audience member who i encountered at the jewish film festival seemed to appreciate the new entrance strategy. it certainly has made my attendance at the festival more enjoyable.(as well as all of the great movies i was able to view!)