Monday, January 19, 2015


     I saw the movie BOYHOOD by Richard Linklater last night. All I can tell you is that I thought it was amazing. The story line is not the most unusual. A couple that has two children get divorced and this is the story of the twelve years that follow. The story is told in real time. It is not unlike Michael Apted's up series  where the same people are filmed every seven years. The difference being that BOYHOOD is fictional and The Up Series is a documentary.
     One really sees how the characters in BOYHOOD evolve physically as well as emotionally. Because the story is such a familiar one it is even more touching. The passage of time bonds you to the characters in a way theater makeup to age a character does not. I am not sure that the movie needed to be almost three hours to be effective, but its length does not detract from the message of the movie. It has such a potent one. If you haven't seen the movie and want to come to your own conclusions do not read any further. ......
     In my opinion  the message of the movie is that everyone does the best they can even if they are not perfect. I think that the point of the movie is to show it to the audience instead of preaching its message. When you see how these characters pan out through the years you see this. People are neither all good or all bad. At least in this story.
      I highly recommend this movie. And if you have not seen  the Up Series, please do. Its a really special series.

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