Saturday, January 31, 2015

Point of View

     On the whole the Jewish film festival of New York attracts an over 60 crowd with a smattering of younger people depending on the film. Or at least this is my view after attending 6 shows this year at various times of the day and week. There was a lady sitting next to me at the 9pm show on Thursday night who thought that the crowd for the Jewish film festival is getting younger now that she is older and it made her feel old.  She felt that she was one of the younger ones years ago  and now that she is one of the older ones she feels that there are more younger attendees now. I hope she is correct but judging by the shows I have attended I know she is wrong. There are some younger attendees but not so many. Israeli films get a younger demographic. That's about it. I never mind being the oldest in audience at a Jewish film because seeing the younger people restores my faith in the continuum of Judaism.If only older people are interested in Jewish things this does not bode well for the future. The best is when there is a mix of ages in the audience. If something is really good it should be able to attract an  audience of various demographics.

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