Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Accidental Mentor

     I have  always admired people who mentor kids from less fortunate backgrounds but I never had the drive to do so myself. Over time I have realized that there is all sorts of mentoring. You can be an example to others without going out of one's way to do so. I work with younger people of diverse backgrounds. Work is sometimes the only thing that I really have in common with them, but somehow we all get along. By now I am old enough to realize that there is no need to pretend to be ultra -hip  just because I am of a different generation than some of my co-workers. No one expects me to be. I am comfortable being myself. I also do not really want to be part of their ridiculous shenanigans. We can all coexist quite harmoniously despite our differences. I can also be a beacon of nerdy normalcy for those who hail from more colorful backgrounds. I have not achieved many of my goals in life, but I am still a good example of a stable adult that some of my young co-workers do not always have in their lives. I can be an example by being their friend . This is not a responsibility that I have ever asked for but one that I know is important to try to do. Just because some people hail from weird home situations it does not mean that they can't change their luck and become boring respectable people.

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