Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Go2Films- SHTISEL trailer

      Now that Srugim is over I have been looking for another good Israeli TV show. Enter Shtisel.  Shtisel can be viewed in Hebrew on you tube . It can also be seen on Monday nights in January and February at the the JCC of Manhattan.
      Shtisel is a show about a charedi family in Israel. The matriarch has passed away and the widower father lives with his single son . The father is trying to find his son a good shidduch and the son is more open minded about who he is looking for . He is interested in a divorced mother of one of his young students . The widower's daughter's husband has left her and their five kids, The widower's mother lives in a nursing home and watches The Bold and the Beautiful.
      The nice part of the show is that its not preachy about being religious nor is it pro rebellion. It is a simple story about a family with lots of drama. Its not the same as what Srugim was to me. Watching Srugim was like watching my life. Shitsel is however an amazing Israeli television show. It is unlike anything I have seen on American tv.
      Watch Shtisel on you tube, Watch Shtisel at a Jewish film festival or community center, or by the series online. The venue is not important. Just watch it. You won't regret it.


Daveda said...

I watched the Shitsel trailer and it looks amazing and something that I would really enjoy. Any suggestions on how or where to watch it - don't think that I can make it to JCC weekly. I'd rather not buy the set of DVD. Any other ideas?

frum single female said...

If your Hebrew is good enough you ca find full episodes on you tube

Anonymous said...

I have only been able to find episodes 1, 2, and 6 on you tube. Any other ideas?

frum single female said...

Hmmmm. I don't know because I haven't looked on you tube lately. I think you can buy the season on Amazon. I finished watching the full season this week at the Jcc in Manhattan. I would suspect it will be shown elsewhere at a later date just because its really good. A friend of mine could only find some of the episodes online but can't find them at the moment.