Monday, January 26, 2015

The Trial of Viviane Amsalem

     I saw the film GETT ; The Trial of Viviane Amsalem at the Jewish film festival in New York City.  What a film. The film deals with an Israeli couple. The woman wants a divorce but the husband still loves her and does not want to let go and give her a divorce. The case goes on for five years. Most of the time it does not take so long to have a get given but when it does  the bitter side  of frumkeit is exposed.

  The film was first released in Israel three months ago. Divorce courts in Israel are closed to the public so for many this is the first time they had seen these proceedings. The film does not say that there should not be a gett process it just presents the issues that come up often and that have prevented so many from being able to get divorced and move on with their lives.
      The film has made quite a stir in Israel, so much so that it will be shown on February 13 at a rabbinical convention.
      What I find so interesting about this film is that it was made by a brother and sister. It is a very interesting dynamic.I felt that the film was made out of love and hope and not as a way to slam Jewish law, more as a means for dialogue and resolution.  After the screening there was a question and answer session with Shlomi Elkabetz. It is the first film about this subject that has finally forced the rabbinical courts to take notice .. I think that this is due to the respectful way that the film has portrayed this delicate issue. Of course we do not yet what impact the film will actualize, but we can only hope.


JFIEB said...

Actually the average time for a CONTESTED gett in Israel is ten years. I'm not sure if the husband in this film actually loved his wife. I think he was exhibiting pride more than love. That's my opinion. Fantastic movie!!!

frum single female said...

Yes, it was an excellent movie.