Sunday, March 14, 2010

blossom russo is frumming out

a few weeks ago in the jewish week there was an article that outed mayim bialik of the early 90's blossom fame . it stated that mayim bialik is a shomer shabbos jew. after much googling i also found that she only wears skirts and has made stipulations that she prefers skirts and dresses and does not wear sleeveless in acting roles. very interesting. if i would ever have pegged any actress as being likely to be frum later in life it would have been mayim bialik. but maybe it was her tv character that i thought would one day be frum. blossom was such an independent thinker.
i found mayim bialik's facebook fan page so i know that the the frum thing isnt a hoax.
many jews feel a connection to celebrities who are even just jewish. i never thought that there would be a day when there would be an orthodox jewish celebrity . i guess mashiach really is on the way.


הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

Wow. Huge news, I grew up on that nonsense. I mean, she was dressed tzanua on the show, but everybody in the early 90's dressed like that!

On the otherhand though, she kind of "grew up" to be a very Jewish balabusta looking sort of woman,'s probably more natural to her than Jews like...Scarlet Johanson!

lewyn said...

Above is an interview with her.

frum single female said...

thanks for the link lewyn

%Shocked% said...

Cool stuff. I never heard of her until today lol, but I Googled her and came across this really nice article that she wrote. I enjoyed reading about the transformation that she went through coming from a secular background and understanding the mikveh the way we do/should.