Saturday, March 27, 2010

a word about ahavas yisroel...

and now for a word about ahavas yisroel. .. ... ahavas yisroel does not mean that you are commanded to only love and respect your fellow jew if he or she happens to have exactly the same religious beliefs as you do. i realize that as shocking as this may seem it is true. so many in the world dislike jews, that we don't have to add to it by hating or disrespecting each other. those who hate jews dont differentiate between different jewish denominations. they hate us all equally. we should learn from this. pesach is on the way . have we not learned anything?

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Jonah Simcha Chaim Muskat-Brown said...

O-mayn! When the mitzrim were chasing us at Yam Suf, Rashi writes that they were Am echod b'laiv echod, where as when they were standing before Har Sinai, he writes they were Ish echod b'laiv echod. The goyim have the power to come together to murder us, but they can only achieve this on a collective level, while Yidden elevate achdus by come together as laiv echod, despite them still remaining ish echod. Moshiach will only come if we want him or if we need him. May it be the will of HK'BH that he comes because we once again unite again.

Achdus Yisroel Chai!