Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a matter of size

last night i saw the israeli movie a matter of size . i had ignored it when it was at the israeli film festival this year. a matter of size is a movie about a group of overweight israeli men who leave weight watchers to form a sumo wrestling team. i thought it would just be about a bunch of jewish men kvetching. i see enough of this in real life.
as it turns out the israeli weight watchers group was co-ed and one of the main characters in the movie was a woman.
a matter of size is an extremely witty movie. it also has a message. some people no matter how much they try to lose weight they may never be svelte. one should find dreams to reach for no matter one's size. if one's love life is less than perfect one should not always blame it on a large physique. everyone has foibles no matter one's size.
it was nice to see an israeli movie that is just a slice of life instead of war, politics or the holocaust.
i highly recommend this movie.*****

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