Thursday, March 18, 2010

the pesach palate

when i was growing up in the midwest the kosher l'pesach aisles in the supermarkets were much larger than they are now . here in the new york area there is quite an abundance of kosher l'pesach items packaged items that you can't even imagine that there is so much less elsewhere. last year my mom could barely find kosher l'pesach cake mixes . here in brooklyn glatt mart , mountain fruit and pomegranate are bursting with them.
dont get me started with hand shmurah matzah! growing up we used to have to order hand shmurah matzah from another city. by the time it got to us many of the matzas were broken. before 9/11 i used to buy hand shmurah matzah in brooklyn and shlep it on the plane when i would visit my parents for pesach. very few matzas were broken. i wasnt the only one shlepping matzah either! after 9/11 they reduced the amount of carry on bags you could take on a plane ride, so i stopped exporting new york hand shmurah matzahs to the midwest.
i plan on roughing it in the midwest this pesach, but for those of you who are spending the holiday in the new york area, please make an effort to appreciate all of the kosher l'pesach amenities you are so fortunate to have.

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