Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i scream, you scream

my grandfather used to have this silly saying when i was a kid. he used to say, "i scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream" . well... i am nuts for ice cream and now there is actually a kosher gelato place called scream. the only thing is when you get gelato there you aren't screaming for the ice cream, you are screaming about the price!
on a happier ice cream note, today was ben and jerry's free cone day. they give you free ice cream and in turn they want you to donate to a breast cancer cure charity. in manhattan today it was cloudy and drizzly, but it didn't deter me from waiting in line for my scoop of mint chunk ice cream. it was my pre- pesach scoop of ben and jerry's ice cream. the slightly rainy weather didn't stop people from lining up for their free scoop. i think the line was even longer than when i went last year for free cone day and it was sunny last year.
i always enjoy attending free cone day and its not just because you get free ice cream. i love pouring over the flavors of the free cone day list while im waiting in line. today the choices were vanilla, chocolate brownie, one sweet whirled, sweet cream and something or the other, berry sorbet, chocolate cookie dough, coffee buzz and probably one other flavor i don't remember because it didn't appeal to me. for me, coffee buzz and mint chunk were tied . i chose mint chunk because when i saw people licking their cones of mint chunk i just had to have it. at first i was going to choose coffee buzz because its not as easy to find in the grocer's freezer, but the peer pressure of the mint chunk eaters made me choose mint chunk. i wasn't disappointed. it was really yummy.
it always amazes me how much i deliberate about the flavor choices of the free cone. i deliberate as if i were actually paying for it and want to make sure i get my money's worth. sadly, i think i deliberate over the free cone MORE than if i would be paying for it. mind you, its not as if i wouldn't treat myself to an ice cream cone every so often. it seems that when i get something for free, it just better be worth it.

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%Shocked% said...

Cute post! It IS interesting that you deliberate more over which flavor to get when the ice cream is free than when you pay for it. I'm sooo not like that lol. I'm Canadian, and I think it's a very Canadian thing to be indecisive about food (It's not even normal how long it takes for me to decided what I want when I go out to eat.), but even I don't take too much time poring over the menu when someone else is paying lol.

I love the way you ended off the post: "it seems that when i get something for free, it just better be worth it." Ingenious!