Monday, March 15, 2010

deja vu

i went to a singles event last night and all i kept thinking was "haven't i been here before?"
not only had i been at many singles events in that location, many of the same singles have been at those same events i was recollecting. kind of like the twilight zone.
this is not the alternate universe i wish to exist in, but exist there i do.
i ran in to many i hadn't seen in awhile . i had hoped they had perhaps gotten married. then again perhaps they had . and then got divorced. one never knows. its like even if you actually escape these events for awhile, lucky you might get to be sucked back into this awful scene due to divorce.
i hope i will be lucky enough to find a lasting relationship soon so i don't get to forever keep reliving the same singles event replete with all of the same singles.

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