Sunday, March 21, 2010

going with the gut

did you ever have a nagging feeling about something or someone, ignore it and then realize you should have listened to it? i know i have . usually, this gut feeling strikes me when im dating someone . out of nowhere i get a vibe and then it turns out to be real. the vibe might be about something i wouldnt expect, but it always turns out to have meaning. sometimes these gut feelings freak me out because though they are there, even if at first i may not realize exactly what they are warning me about.
these vibes arent always bad vibes either. sometimes i have a really good feeling about someone and it turns out to be correct as well.
vibes are tricky. they come to you but you cant conjure them. wanting something to work out with someone doesnt mean one has a good vibe about them.
the gut feeling goes against all of those who abide by the "you never know " hoax. you really do know why after one date you dont have any interest in mr. x even if you cant express why. often ive decided i didnt want to continue dating someone just because of a gut feeling it wouldnt work out and years later found someone who dated him who revealed exactly why it was a very good thing i did not continue dating mr. x, y or z.


Michelle Rogers said...

Enjoyed reading your posts. I like this one because I am a big believer in this. We generally know what is right for us, but our thoughts, reasonings, etc. get in the way. Nix the "you never knowers". They don't get it, sincere as they may be. And as a Christian, I love and revere the Jewish people with all of my heart. Just wanted to share that with you.

frum single female said...

thank you michelle.