Monday, June 2, 2014

About Edon

Just one more note about the Israel Concert until next year....
     One of the featured performers was Edon Pinchot who was on America's Got Talent. I admit that I never watch the show, and since I'm not a teenage girl I was not aware of his existence until Sunday. When he performed it was as if he was the fifth Beatle. All the teenagers were screaming and videotaping with their iphones. He was a good entertainer and sang very well. The stage this year was cool because they played videos in the background when Edon as well as the others performed. He is also very humble.
       A lot of people left the concert when I did. There was a herd of 13-14 year old girls walking behind me when I left. Suddenly one of the girls turned to her left and spotted Edon and his dad leaving the concert as well. They started screaming like he was Justin Bieber or whoever is the teen idol these days. Edon looked a bit overwhelmed as a few of the girls took photos with him with their cell phones. It was actually kind of cute to see. It seems fame has not gone to his head. I almost took a photo of the mayhem, but decided against it. Instead I included his Novocaine you tube video. Enjoy.