Sunday, June 1, 2014

Salute and Celebrate

      The Salute to/ Celebrate Israel parade is today on Fifth Avenue in New York City. I plan on attending and supporting Israel. I have gone most years that I have been living in New York . They say that this is the fiftieth year for the parade. Pretty cool.
       I used to go to the parade because its a very social venue. Lots of singles, lots of old friends. Now many friends have moved away or are married. It can be awkward seeing married friends. They wonder why I am not married yet have never suggested any prospects for me. I try not to let it get to me. I love watching all the people march in their support of Israel. Its also nice to see the mix of people in the crowd although it seems there are less who come to join than there used to be. Then again maybe there is the same amount as always but since I've become accustomed to the New York crowds it does not seem as crowded. No matter. I plan on joining the festivities today.


Anonymous said...

Did you have fun? This is the third year I've attended and the parade gets lamer and lamer. It is pretty boring. They need to have more music, more floats, and more people selling food. In short the parade needs to be livelier to draw greater attendance.

frum single female said...

I enjoyed the parade, but I expect it to be what it is. A lot of the people marching are kids and the floats are homemade. I think that there are less people at the parade due to the dwindling support of the more liberal minded Jews. Perhaps I am wrong, but that's my guess. I actually thought there were more people than in the past few years at the concert afterward. Last year it was close to 100 degrees the day of the parade which I am sure kept people away.