Wednesday, June 25, 2014


       Why were three boys in Israel kidnapped? I do not know, do not pretend to know and am not smug enough to pretend that I do know. I think that it happened for a reason but there are so many possibilities including reasons no one has yet or will ever think of on their own. I don't think that the point of all this is to actually figure out the real reason why. I do think that the reason it happened is to make people appreciate what they do have. It happened to make people appreciate their families that have not been kidnapped. I think it was for all types of Jews to pray together at the kotel for three missing brethren. I think that the idea of events like this is to force us to prioritize the important things in life because sometimes when things go well for people they get a little sidetracked.
      I think that tragedy happens so people take stock of themselves and try to better themselves on an individual level. Most of us deep down know what we need to work on. Now is the time to step it up so no more tragedy is needed to kindle the spark of progress within us.
     May all three young men return  safely to their families . 


Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Why were three boys kidnapped? It's not some soul provoking question along the "Why do bad things happen to good people" line. It's actually quite simple:
They were hitchhiking in an area infested by people who want them dead.
Try to find a deeper meaning, something about the timing, what is God trying to tell us, etc. obscures the point: don't hitchhike. It's dangerous!

frum single female said...

Thats just too obvious lol