Sunday, June 15, 2014

What Would You Choose?

      What would you do if you found out you weren't really Jewish? I without a shadow of a doubt am Jewish and there is no way that I will ever have this conundrum, but it is always a fun what if????
      I think that the bigger issue is what religion would you choose if not Judaism? I can't imagine practising any religion other than Judaism, especially since I think that all other religions are bogus. I suppose if I wasn't Jewish I would  be no religion.
       I guess the hardest part of choosing Judaism  is knowing about the holocaust and how so many people still hate Jews. Would I choose Judaism knowing this?
      If I was married I would definitely choose to be Jewish if I found out that I really wasn't Jewish. If I was adopted by a Jewish family I would want to be Jewish even if I hadn't been born Jewish.
     It is odd to think about because my whole life has been a Jewish life and to find out your whole life is not really what you thought it was could be such a shock to the system. I think that if I found out I really was not Jewish I would try to experience life without Judaism for a little bit before deciding what I would really want to choose. Maybe that sounds strange because I am Jewish  and as a Jew  I do not want to be anything else but a religious Jew.


Garnel Ironheart said...

I'd go to MacDonalds and then I'd go to the amusement park on Saturday and then I'd watch a movie opening on Friday night and then I'd say "hi" to the cute...

Wondering Minds said...

I would either choose to convert to Judaism, or else go as an atheist and live life to its fullest.