Saturday, June 28, 2014

Women In The Spotlight

      I find it interesting how when there is a crisis where frum children are concerned they always spotlight the mothers of the victims and not the fathers in the news. This has been the case with the recent kidnapping in Israel and I remember when Ari Halberstam was killed they were constantly showing his mother speak but not his father. Other times I remember them only showing the mothers in the news. I think with Leiby Kletzky neither parent was shown in the news. 
       I always find it interesting how the frum  mother is allowed to be trotted out for sympathy but not the father. Is this because the father might look more recognizably Jewish and only cause anti-Semitic feelings so they only show the mothers? Or is showing a distraught mother more sympathetic in general even if she looks like an Orthodox Jew?  Or maybe a little bit of both. Do the fathers not want to speak out?  Its a bit interesting to me since so often women in the frum world are not allowed to speak in public and suddenly they are always speaking in public in a tragedy. I realize that the mothers of the three teenagers kidnapped are not charedi so the women are not completely hidden from public speaking, but I still find it interesting. The fathers have been shown with their wives in the news but they never speak. I have to say that I find it a little disturbing that they are never shown speaking about their missing children. I am glad the mothers are being allowed to speak, but it does bother me that the father's aren't shown speaking about their missing children.

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